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Induction training which is used for both new starter and refresher training


  • E-learning

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) selected Walkgrove to develop a 60-minute e-learning module.

The Consular Directorate has for some years delivered a day-long instructor-led training course to induct new employees. However, this course runs only ten times a year for a maximum of 16 delegates, so the trained cohort is capped at 160 delegates per annum. This is fewer than the actual number of inductees around the world who need access to the learning.

In addition, as they need to attend in person, there is a bias for the delegates on the instructor-led course to be locally based. Training of delegates from consulates in other countries is therefore significantly constrained.

In order to address this issue, the Directorate decided to commission an e-learning module that captures and builds on the content of the existing induction course. The e-learning format allows inductees to access the training at any time, from anywhere in the world.

It also acts as a reference tool into which those same learners can dip in and out during the early months of their tenure with the Directorate, in order to refresh their learning.

Finally, the e-learning also provides an introduction and overview for other FCO staff and staff from other government departments who want to know what the Consular Directorate does, how it is constructed and how it operates in practice.