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Health and safety training for all FCO staff


  • E-learning

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) selected Walkgrove to develop e-learning packages covering Health and Safety; Health and Safety Awareness, Using Display Screen Equipment and Manual Handling.

The products are available to all FCO staff worldwide. Consequently, the target audience is large, geographically dispersed, wide ranging and diverse in terms of job role, educational background, experience, culture and nationality.

A significant number of learners do not have English as their first language. It was important therefore that we adopted a style and approach that was clear and uses plain English, whilst at the same time ensuring that we did not patronise or disengage learners.

The purpose of the materials is to raise awareness, embed basic principles and promote a proactive attitude towards health and safety issues. Therefore, there was a need to avoid getting ‘bogged down’ in too much detail or complex specifics. A contextual case study approach was adopted to deliver the following key messages:

  • A general awareness of the requirements of relevant health and safety legislation/regulations
  • The practical application of these requirements within the workplace
  • Personal responsibility – everyone has a duty of care for themselves and others and if they see something wrong, they should do something about it