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Creative thinking training delivered using a blended approach


  • E-learning
  • Consultancy/research
  • Blended
  • Video

The primary audience for this e-learning is Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) staff being posted abroad; the most significant being ‘first posters’. However, the product is also suitable for staff from other government departments such as HMRC and DWP and other agencies such as the British Council.

The course aims to help FCO staff raise their awareness of different cultures and includes practical guidance on how to integrate more effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds.

The e-learning provides FCO staff with generic skills to support them in any international posting by encouraging them to both embrace and demonstrate an ‘openness’ in their behaviours; thus enhancing interpersonal relationships and their related inter-cultural activities.

The target audience is UK-based nationals at different points in their career. Some will have worked overseas and some won’t.

Supported learning

This solution includes web-based profiles and specialist coaching provided by Walkgrove.