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Bilateral diplomacy training for 16,000 staff globally


  • E-learning
  • Gamification
  • Story/scenario driven

Bilateral diplomacy is one of the key activities that supports the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) work and the training is aimed at all 16,000 FCO staff; both UK based and locally engaged.

Consequently the target audience is large, geographically dispersed, wide ranging and diverse in terms of job role, educational background, experience and nationality. A significant number of learners have English as their second language.

It was important that we adopted a style and approach that was simple, uses plain English but did not patronise or disengage learners. As well as working closely with FCO staff, Walkgrove sourced and engaged senior ex-diplomats Kishan Rana, Sir John Boyd and Alan Hunt to provide input and advice to the development of the storyboards.

Each module is illustrated using a case study representing a typical diplomatic situation appropriate to the particular module. Background information about diplomacy and the diplomatic process is available in a knowledge bank, accessed from an on-screen button.

The learner is accompanied through the course by a screen mentor and an ambassador. The mentor highlights points of interest and gives advice. The ambassador punctuates the tutorial with real examples and provides a historical perspective.

Modules end with a summary of key points and suggestions for further study and sources of information. Each module is followed by a short knowledge check, comprising multiple choice questions.