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Water environment management e-learning


  • E-learning
  • Animation
  • Simulation

Protecting and improving the nation’s waters is a complex and challenging business as the water environment is composed of many different ecosystem types affected by a wide range of often inter-related factors. 

Many teams in the Environment Agency are involved in managing the water environment but such is the complexity of the task that is often difficult for individuals to grasp how their work impacts on other teams and fits in to the bigger picture. The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) is one of the main legislative tools that underpins the Environment Agency’s work in this area.

Feedback received shows that there is a high level of confusion and even anxiety as to exactly what the WFD is and how it impacts on people’s work priorities and roles in the Environment Agency. This e-learning provides staff with an overview of the Environment Agency’s work in the water environment whilst emphasising that the WFD is the principal tool that underpins this work.

By doing this it aims to demystify and reassure staff about the WFD. It also reassures staff by illustrating that much of the work they are doing already is contributing to delivering the WFD. The course aims to improve the learner’s awareness of the over-arching framework used to manage the water environment and how their contribution and the contributions of others fit into the overall scheme.

The course delivers these aims with reference to the WFD and River Basin Management. After completing the e-learning, staff are able to:

  • Describe and explain the basic principles and objectives of how we manage the water environment
  • Outline the stages in River Basin Management and explain how they relate to delivering environmental outcomes
  • State how the work they do in their day job contributes to achieving environmental outcomes
  • Explain the principles of the catchment-based planning process
  • Identify how they can build upon the learning from this course