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E-learning for Analysis and Reporting staff to respond to queries about the environment


  • E-learning
  • Simulation

The Environment Agency monitors both fresh water and marine environments, which comprise many interrelating factors. The reports produced by the Agency must therefore reflect these interrelating factors and must be multifunctional.

Multifunctional Reporting (MFR) is the use of multiple data sets to build a solid evidence base to respond to queries about the environment. Factors considered may include components of chemistry, hydrometry, ecology, fisheries and physical data. The approach represents a shift in the way that Agency worked previous to 2009. Before this date, reports produced tended to emphasise particular factors over others, often influenced by the particular specialism of the author.

The e-learning takes a structured approach to MFR and enables learners to produce a multifunctional report, under supervision. After completing the e-learning staff should be able to:

  • Describe the process and principle of MFR
  •  Explain the importance of MFR
  •  Plan and prepare a multifunctional report
  •  Gather evidence (for the multifunctional report)
  •  Analyse and interpret evidence (for the multifunctional report)
  •  Write the report under supervision

The e-learning is aimed primarily at existing staff in the Analysis and Reporting teams. However, the course is also made available to all new staff to whom MFR is relevant.