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Continuous improvement e-learning for all Environment Agency staff


  • E-learning

UK Government Departments and public sector delivery bodies were required to commit to embedding continuous improvement (CI) learning, by way of an official strategy in March 2012.

Defra published their CI strategy in July 2012, which sets out priorities for embedding CI within core Defra and its delivery bodies, including the Environment Agency. The Environment Agency is implementing a programme of CI training and learning, which incorporates e-learning as its foundation.

The overall aim of the e-learning package is to raise awareness and understanding of CI and help embed this as a way of thinking and working in the Environment Agency culture.

Specifically, the course aims to:

  •  Introduce CI to learners who are new to it
  •  Improve learners’ awareness of CI as a vital tool in the Environment Agency
  •  Demonstrate the outstanding returns (ROI, better working, more rewarded staff) on the use of CI
  •  Show how easy it is to make CI part of everyday working life
  •  Act as a convenient reference point so that learners can:

                  – Revisit the learning to refresh their memory
                  – Use the learning as a handy reference aid
                  – Return to the learning as a pointer to additional resources