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Scenario-based e-learning to bring a Code of Conduct to life


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove was commissioned by Edrington Group, the international spirits company, to create engaging compliance training in five languages on the organisation’s Code of Conduct.

The training need

After updating their Code of Conduct, Edrington needed all relevant employees and partners to understand key parts of the Code and to implement it confidently in their role. Edrington wanted an e-learning solution that would support universal adherence to the Code by their international and multilingual team of employees and partners. This would ensure compliance with legislation and promote business-wide integrity.

The Code of Conduct course would be the first time that company-wide training was delivered exclusively in digital format and Edrington wanted this bespoke e-learning course to set the bar for quality and engagement in future e-learning courses.

Our learning solution

Walkgrove’s e-learning development team presented the essential elements of the Edrington Code of Conduct in an impactful, 30 minutes’ bespoke e-learning module. The course was scenario-based and used a series of realistic workplace dilemmas to bring the Code to life. Scenarios give learners practical understanding and create memorable situations to support their information recall. Each scenario included natural conversations and reflected the learners’ global working environments so that they could more easily understand how to behave in accordance with the Code in day-to-day situations.

The possibility of easily tracking and recording learner understanding and assessment makes e-learning an excellent choice for cross-organisational compliance training. In this bespoke solution, knowledge checks were woven throughout the course as scenario-based questions. This approach measured comprehension without learners feeling the pressure of a formal test.

To facilitate universal understanding of the training content, Walkgrove used realistic but simple language and delivered the e-learning in English, Spanish (Latin America, Spain), Russian, Korean and Chinese (Traditional, Simplified).

This product has recently been updated to be mobile friendly. We also created a separate version for Operations staff. 

[D]elighted with the end product… [It was our f]irst time developing an e-learning course and patience in explaining, setting up and then answering many questions… was much appreciated. Impressed by the vision of the design team in presenting the content."
Edrington Group