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Call centre training with system simulation


  • E-learning
  • Consultancy/research
  • Face to face
  • Blended
  • Simulation
  • Story/scenario driven

Through the delivery of a flexible blended solution consolidated by face-to-face training, the aims of this project were to:

Equip transferring and new entrant staff with the knowledge and skills to enable individuals, teams and ultimately, the organisation to deliver the new Pension Credit successfully / Provide flexible and continuously updated resources to enable high quality training to be delivered on an ongoing basis and also to provide refresher training at the desktop in the workplace. Having worked closely with DWP to develop a high level design/structure and define the blend, Walkgrove’s principal role was to design and deliver all of the e-learning components and also some of the paper-based trainer resource materials. Over 200 hours of e-learning modules include:

• Tutorials covering legislation, processes and procedures
• Knowledge assessments
• System simulation walkthroughs and practice case studies
• Evaluation case studies during which learner performance is monitored and recorded
Initially, the training was delivered in the classroom to around 12,000 learners with learner support being provided by local trainers who also had access to a central telephone hotline. The e-learning materials were then migrated to the DWP intranet to provide ongoing training and refresher training in the workplace.

What the client said 

“PCFE is regarded by agents as by far the best e-learning product they have used. They felt the training was delivered at the right pace as they had sufficient ‘time available to absorb information’. The e-learning had ‘excellent visual aids’ especially as ‘the screens accurately duplicated the systems used in practice’. The written material available at the end of the training provided a ‘good explanation of changes.”