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A blended solution to introduce managers to the t:app workforce management system


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Simulation

The Challenge

Dixons commissioned Walkgrove to develop a blended solution designed to introduce managers to their brand new and innovative workforce management system – t:app. Whilst the new system is ultimately time saving, there was an anticipated added layer of complexity as managers adjust to t:app. The solution produced by Walkgrove therefore needed to support the whole process and achieve high levels of engagement in order to achieve maximum benefit to the business.

Managers need a clear understanding of why the new tool has been developed and how best to use it. They need to know how to interact with the system on a daily basis in order to keep their store colleagues, happy and healthy.

Walkgrove’s solution needed to help achieve these goals and capture the essence of t:app, by reinforcing best practice. Our target audience was predominantly store managers, assistant managers and team leaders.

Our Approach

Our solution consisted of a tiered, interactive training piece designed to take learners from a generic overview of the new system, through accessing ‘how to’ information to carrying out detailed processes. Each ‘tier’ is preceded by a pacey, exciting and modern animation sequence. Tier 1 sets the scene and introduces the new system and the reason for its development. Tiers 2a and 2b include six topics covering the key benefits of the system as well as describing the functional journey. Tier 3 builds on the knowledge gained and for this tier, we replaced animations with interactive screens and video captures of the t:app system in use, allowing us to guide learners through procedures in real time. There is a separate module on reporting, which details the range of reports t:app can produce for managers, as well as a resource bank of additional learning aids and more detailed ‘how to’ guides.

Our solution was not template based, and instead featured a wide range of infographic media and techniques within each section, creating a more advertorial-based style of learning. We used photography, videos, animations and truncated screen sequences presented in a dynamic and engaging way.