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Effective e-learning and resources for Digital Champions working remotely to support people with Learning Disabilities to enter the job market


  • E-learning

The training need

Digital Unite provides the Digital Champion model, training volunteers to mentor others in the acquisition of digital skills. In 2020, Digital Unite created a new programme, DCN Aspire, which offers this model to a new audience group with a broader, more employment-focused skills development profile. DCN Aspire aims to address the low employment levels of people with learning disabilities, by supporting enhancement of their digital, workplace and vocational skills.

Digital Unite identified two learner groups for the programme:

  • Learner group 1: Digital Champions working remotely to help support People with Learning Disabilities (PLDs) to enter the job market
  • Learner group 2: PLDs working remotely to help other PLDs to enter the job market, whilst also building up their own volunteering experience

Digital Unite commissioned Walkgrove to support the strategic development and storyboard production of content for Learner group 1, specifically the development of eight bitesize courses.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove’s Instructional Design team worked to structure and storyboard a set of eight short, ‘pick-and-mix’ courses, together with complementary resources which reward participation (comprising a badge, certificate and accreditation), which each benefit the learner’s personal and professional development.

The courses break down complex information and deliver it in a clear and engaging way, mindful of the fact that Digital Champions with a mild to moderate learning disability may be using the content. The content we developed reinforces the importance of the role of the Champion, and the difference and impact that they can have, as well as the importance of communication.

Although each course is standalone they reference and promote each other to inform the Digital Champions of additional learning opportunities . This enables them to choose their own path for their DCN Aspire journey. Additionally, each course signposts resources that encourage independent learning, which is useful for the Champion to share with the people they support.