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Training advocates for a national digital skills programme


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Walkgrove modernised a digital skills e-learning course and created a robust new e-learning development methodology for the British Digital Champions Network. This high-impact project for Digital Unite was shortlisted for an award at the national Learn Tech E-learning Awards and is now CPD accredited.

The training challenge

Digital Unite is dedicated to upskilling the estimated 12 million Britons who lack basic digital capabilities. Using an online learning platform, the organisation trains and supports a network of ‘Digital Champions’: ordinary people who want to help their local communities get online. Digital Unite needed to refresh the foundation e-learning course that forms part of their national Digital Champions programme delivered to over 1,000 member organisations including local authorities, charities and housing providers. The training module had to support learners to become skilful digital advocates, be suitable for a diverse target audience and integrate peer-to-peer learning. It also had to be built within a modest budget and on a simple learning platform that only supported limited types of interaction.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a custom e-learning course to help budding Digital Champions acquire the essential skills they needed for improving digital proficiency in their community. The concise learning materials were presented as 10 key topics to support short study sessions and give key information at a glance. Digital Champions Essentials included tips on session planning, how to build learners’ digital confidence and dealing with common problems.

The design was responsive and included handy downloadable resources to support flexible learning in different environments. Walkgrove worked creatively within the modest budget and used a simple but effective approach of storytelling, scenarios and case studies to maximise learner engagement. The learning experience integrated with the wider Digital Champions Network, incorporating social learning through participation in online forums with learning peers.

Walkgrove also created a standard e-learning development method that would support Digital Unite’s £2 million national digital skills programme, facilitating the rapid production of high quality e-learning resources.

After a successful roll-out to the national network and exceptional feedback from 90% of learners, Digital Unite and Walkgrove were thrilled to have the project project nominated for a national e-learning award.