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A large suite of practical modules for thousands of social care workers


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Walkgrove was commissioned by the Department of Health (DH) and their partner organisations, the Local Government Association (LGA) and Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (AGASS), to deliver a suite of 12 clear and practical e-learning modules on social care reforms for thousands of individuals in the social care workforce.

The training need

The Care Act 2014 was a major reforming piece of legislation affecting thousands of care providers and local councils. The DH, LGA and AGASS required a single national e-learning package that would support the social care workforce to understand the principles of the Care Act and what it would mean for their day-to-day tasks supporting people with care and support needs. The modules needed to provide a broad introductory resource that local organisations could use in support of face-to-face training as part of blended solutions to educate their staff on social care reform.

The e-learning would be delivered to the staff of around 14,000 care provider organisations, over 150 local authorities and a range of wider delivery partners. Within this substantial audience were learners from a wide range of educational and cultural backgrounds, including those with English as a second language. The e-learning suite also needed to be produced at a very limited budget and within tight timescales.

Our bespoke e-learning solution

Walkgrove delivered 12 custom e-learning modules that could equip a wide range of care staff to align their behaviour and practice with the basic requirements of the new Act. Each 45-minute module was designed to instruct learners in how the Act applied to their work across a different care interaction context, from initial contact to financial assessment and support planning. In addition, learners were encouraged throughout the course to self-reflect on whether they were applying key principles of the Act, including the personalisation of care and fulfilling duties to carers as well as people in need of care.

To meet the demands of budget restrictions and tight timescales, Walkgrove used an efficient but creative learning design methodology to deliver accessible and clear learning materials for care staff. Simple but effective content presentation techniques enabled diverse learners to easily digest key messages, complemented by frequent questions and helpful feedback to consolidate learning and encourage self-reflection. Careful attention was paid to language and tone in order to make the text-based content understandable by a large audience without feeling patronising or over-simplified. Attractive branding and selective use of video animation provided an appealing learning experience to help keep the audience engaged, while sensitive and diverse professional photography that reflected the reality of modern care work helped to make the e-learning feel relevant and useful. To facilitate practical application of the learning into real working life, each module asked learners to take part in practical scenarios and examples.