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Designed, hosted and maintained an easy-to-use web portal


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What we achieved:

  • Developed comprehensive training materials and resources for this complex and sensitive legal topic
  •  Designed, hosted and maintained an easy to use web portal
  •  Worked in partnership with DfE and appropriate charities
  •  Sourced and managed a team of 12 subject matter experts and lawyers

The aims of this project were to:

  •  Equip every local authority, all private sector companies and all bodies such as police, probation service, hospital workers, education welfare officers, GPs etc who are necessarily involved in all aspects of dealing with children in care with resources to deliver training to their staff on the provisions of the new 2008 Act and the associated revised suite of regulations and statutory guidance
  •  Provide practitioners and policy makers with practical tools and guidance to help them to interpret and implement consistently the responsibilities imposed on local authorities (and other agencies) to children and young people who are looked after by them

We always focus materials of this type on practical implementation. The target audiences will have heard and read and in some cases contributed to the ‘theory’; what is also required are practical tools and templates and examples of best practice that will help them do their job; together with a clear grasp of the contextualised underpinning knowledge that busts myths and will help them to apply the tools, templates and examples effectively.

The timescales were challenging. The contract was let only a couple of months before the provisions of the Act were due to come into place but we adopted a pragmatic approach. We worked in partnership with DfE, appropriate charities and a team of 12 subject matter experts and lawyers to deliver:

  •  Comprehensive training and practice guides for all those working with looked after children and former looked after children
  • An easy to use web portal, providing easy access to the trainer materials