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Development of two modules on data protection aimed specifically at staff and volunteers in the charity sector


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • LMS


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The training need

Newly incorporated as Delphi DP Ltd, the organisation was established to support the charity sector in providing data protection awareness training to their staff and volunteers. The founder has extensive experience and expertise in data protection and in-depth knowledge of the charity sector, and was looking for a learning provider to translate her specialised content and thinking into engaging training modules for UK charities.

The request was for the development of a 45-minute module for charity staff members and a 15-minute module for volunteers.

Specific requirements included:

  • The modules needed to have a different, fresh look and feel compared with typical training modules on this topic
  • Interactive, engaging and practical learning design
  • Use of clear and simple language rather than legal language as far as possible
  • Inclusion of a number of charity scenarios to bring the learning alive, provide relevant context for the target audience and make the learning as practical and real as possible
  • Building client consultation with charity sector colleagues into planning throughout the design and development process for input and feedback

Our bespoke learning solution

Working closely with the client to understand her vision, needs and target audience, the content is structured into clear topics with a logical flow, relevant imagery, bespoke graphics and interactive screens to make it interesting, understandable and learner-friendly for a diverse group.

The realistic scenarios that are woven through the modules provide a context the learners can relate to in a practical way. Written in a conversational, supportive tone, using straightforward rather than legal language as far as possible, the aim is for learners to be able to easily relate the requirements and guidance around this important topic to their own roles, whilst developing the confidence to know what to do in different situations.

Learner engagement is enhanced by regular activities to check understanding, and there is an assessment at the end of the module for staff for a final validation of learning.

Delphi are deploying the e-learning using a customised, multi-tenancy version of Walkgrove’s LMS, Svelte.

Client feedback

It was a real pleasure working with Walkgrove on this project. They were knowledgeable and professional throughout.