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Company-wide induction


  • E-learning

Walkgrove created an interactive e-learning induction to give employees an understanding of their company’s services and a sense of connection to corporate goals

The training need

The Data Communications Company (DCC) serves the energy sector and is responsible for operating a national data and telecommunications infrastructure for smart energy meters.

DCC identified a requirement to convert their face-to-face induction into a bespoke digital product that would introduce new starters to the company and their smart meter implementation programme. The company chose an e-learning solution so that they could ensure a consistent induction process across all DCC locations and create a common understanding of DCC’s vision and values.

Our bespoke e-learning solution

Walkgrove designed a helpful introduction to DCC and its smart metering work suitable for a wide range of employees. The bespoke e-learning induction includes four modules and short summative assessments, with a total duration of 90 minutes. The content includes an overview of DCC and the national smart metering programme and an introduction to DCC’s services, priorities, vision and principles of operation.

The high quality, engaging and motivational modules include attractive screens that reflect the DCC branding, with clear text-based content reinforced by helpful graphics and exploratory diagrams. The custom e-learning is organised into bite-sized topics to help learners progress at their own pace and study across multiple sessions if needed.