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Blended program for technical training covering seaming and welding assessment


  • E-learning
  • Animation
  • Simulation

Crown is the world leader in packaging technology. With operations in 41 countries employing over 21,000 people and net sales of $8.3 billion, they provide global breadth as well as regional expertise. They also develop and provide world-class performance standards and innovations to the industry from their technology centres.

Crown Technology commissioned Walkgrove to develop a bespoke e-learning program and assessment to blend with and enhance their current classroom-based training on welding. The seaming and welding of metal cans correctly is a key process in the packaging industry – and mistakes are expensive and potentially dangerous. A secondary objective of this important project is to prove the concept of e-learning for delivering consistent learning messages across the whole of the organisation and also for conducting and monitoring web-based assessments.

Key requirements included the facility for in-house editing of the modules and ensuring that the content could be translated into other languages.

Walkgrove’s approach:

  • Uses a balanced mix of information-based content screens and engaging interactions
  •  Integrates effective use of self assessment activities throughout, adopting a range of interactivity types so that learners can build confidence in their knowledge
  •  Uses a straightforward delivery style, making effective use of appropriate illustrations, diagrams and animations
  •  Adopts a simple and intuitive navigational approach, free from complex branching
  •  Includes a bespoke LMS for tracking usage by a world-wide audience

Walkgrove has worked with Crown Technology for 19 years; developing technical training solutions using all modern media.