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Health and safety training delivered in a pub quiz scenario


  • E-learning

Health and safety training material can be perceived as dry and dull. There is a lot of information which the learner has to take in and understand, without falling asleep!

It is an important subject, however, and one way to tackle intrinsically dry subjects is to use good graphics and place the information out of its usual context – like this pub quiz.

In screens like the ones shown here, the learner can click on a helper, or ‘team mate’, Bob, who has a dictionary that the learner can borrow to browse a selection of words associated with a question before they answer.  We used this technique because the client wanted to test literacy as well as health and safety knowledge.

Other questions require the learner to use their numeracy skills, so Shirley produces a calculator for them to use and also helps them with the theoretical aspects of the question.

Feedback is shown on a blackboard to complement the pub setting.

Note how we have also contextualised the buttons – by using a dart for the forward button and a standard emergency exit sign for the exit.

What the client said 

“I am quite delighted and I think the program is going to be a credit to both the CITB and to Walkgrove. Some of the cartoons and illustrations are quite magnificent and anyone who works through just one module of it would have a good understanding of the issues involved.”

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