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Digital learning solutions mark the start of something new at CompEx


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Animation
  • Story/scenario driven
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The training need

CompEx is a well-established provider of high-quality training and certification for oil, gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries where explosive atmospheres exist. Previously, CompEx training was only delivered face-to-face. However, CompEx are now adopting a remote learning/assessment approach, with the aim of all CompEx courses to be available online and through licensed centres by 2025. CompEx sought an experienced e-learning partner for the successful implementation and roll-out of this strategy.

In our initial work with CompEx, we have completed two projects:

  • Firstly, CompEx commissioned Walkgrove to produce an introductory pilot e-learning module on ‘Working safely in potentially explosive environments’.
  • Our second project involved the design of a simple, informative animation to explain the changes, following Brexit, which impacts users of ex-rated equipment in the wake of the change from the Conformity European (CE) mark to the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) mark.

Our bespoke learning solution

The pilot module we created for CompEx delivers an engaging and confidence-building learning experience which appeals to its diverse audience.

The module begins with an attention-grabbing animation to set the scene for the training and pique the learner’s interest. The solution then combines contemporary content presentation, infographics and imagery with meaningful scenario-based knowledge checks and pause-for-thought open entry text activities.

The training uses CompEx’s brand to ensure that the solution is instantly recognisable as a CompEx product.

The solution strikes a balance between addressing the needs of learners who are new to the subject and those with more experience, by featuring resources for further support and information via a clearly marked resources section.

With the help of CompEx’s subject matter Expert (SME) the completed UKCA animation clearly explains the UKCA mark, utilising stock vectors and iconography to deliver key on-screen learning points. Summative on-screen text used throughout the animation adds detail and clarification, but the majority of information is presented through audio narration, and is visually conveyed by clean, simple graphics.

We understood from the SME that there were several distinct ‘sections’ of content which must feature throughout the animation. As a result, the animation implements text-based ‘splash screens’ to divide it. This creates appropriate breaks in the flow of information and delivers a clear, concise solution which neatly summarises each learning point.

The animation is aligned with CompEx’s latest brand guidelines and logo, and is used at their training centres, hosted on their LMS, and available to view on the CompEx.org website.