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A training guide for civic education


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The Commonwealth Foundation, an intergovernmental organisation that promotes participatory governance, commissioned Walkgrove to review their guide on civic education.

The guide is designed for use by facilitators, trainers, community leaders and organisations working on civic governance and education issues across the six Commonwealth geopolitical regions. The guide has to be flexible for a wide international audience.

The Commonwealth Foundation asked Walkgrove to thoroughly review the guide, identify its strengths and gaps and update the content with the latest research on civic education and governance theory.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a refreshed and restructured Citizens’ Guide for Good Governance, including new content and best practice, diagrams and examples.

The Citizens’ Guide is a comprehensive 250-page reference document that includes general tips, instructions, background information and suggestions for conducting training sessions.

The resource introduces trainers to the concepts of civic education, adult education and participatory learning. Sample sessions on relevant topics such as human rights and democracy, as well as a guide to planning training events, enable facilitators to design their own workshop.

A range of case studies represent the diversity of the commonwealth and help individuals and groups to use its contents internationally. Because training activities may take place in many different environments and circumstances, the guide also discusses how to deal with the challenges that may arise, including in politically sensitive or post-conflict environments.

To ensure its workability as a standalone resource, Walkgrove delivered pilot facilitator training on using the guide.