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Product launch training – developed using Articulate


  • E-learning

E-learning is one of the core delivery routes for training colleagues in Comet. The business delivers a wide range of product and service-related modules to retail staff and colleagues based in their call centres, and by linking module completion and associated assessments to a clearly defined career development path, Comet has ensured that adoption of e-learning is high and learners are engaged throughout their learning journeys.

The business has many product launches each year and training on the new ranges is delivered via e-learning. Comet has an in-house development team but they also use external suppliers when demand is high and they’re facing particularly challenging timescales. Comet chose Walkgrove to develop a suite of product awareness modules to support their new TV and White Goods product ranges. All of the modules were required in a period of less than eight weeks and were built using Comet’s corporate authoring tool, Articulate, to support a blended training program.

The modules are highly interactive incorporating flash interactions and animations to illustrate key learning points. They also adopt a new user interface that complements Comet’s corporate branding. Each module includes a test and learners receive contextualised feedback, telling them not only if they have passed or failed, but also directing them back to the specific content areas for those questions that they answered incorrectly.