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Building skills to deal with challenging people and situations


  • Face to face
  • Blended

Walkgrove created a series of face-to-face training workshops on helpful interpersonal skills for Co-operative Funeralcare staff.

The training need

Co-operative Funeralcare engaged Walkgrove to develop some bespoke interpersonal skills training, aimed at building staff confidence in dealing with challenging situations.

A training needs analysis had indicated that team members in a wide range of roles wanted training on how to deal with sensitive or pressured circumstances involving colleagues and contractors, how to engage effectively with those in authority and how to handle complaints and criticisms professionally.

All training workshops needed to be theory-light and focus on practical application of knowledge, skills and understanding.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove developed four professional and engaging classroom-based training workshops lasting three and a half days in total. Topics covered assertiveness at work, handling complaints and getting the best out of people.

To ensure that learners developed skills that could be readily applied in practice, Walkgrove’s bespoke learning solution includes case studies, self-reflective individual work and small-group analysis of examples and scenarios, role plays and facilitator-led discussion.

Walkgrove delivered a comprehensive training pack for each of the four training workshops. Trainers received a detailed training guide that includes headline learning goals, session plans, learning notes and step-by-step delivery information. Walkgrove also created resources to facilitate all training and learning activities, including a professional PowerPoint presentation. Our learning designers produced participant packs that include activity sheets and handouts and also created a comprehensive and searchable library of pdfs defining and summarising course topics, including the benefits of using learnt behaviours and techniques in their job role. The library items also included several ‘try this’ activities to enable learners to continue their learning after attending the workshops.