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E-learning to raise awareness of the importance of strategic thinking


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Civil Service Learning (CSL) identified a need to raise awareness and promote understanding of the importance of operating/thinking strategically.

The term strategy is now very much a part of the vocabulary in UK politics and is an important part of civil service training.

But the word strategy is used indiscriminately and is attached to a wide variety of statements without much apparent thought and often used only to confer importance and seriousness.

For use by all civil and public servants, regardless of role or grade, the aim of this civil service training course is to raise awareness of the importance of strategic thinking and to provide the knowledge and tools to enable learners to operate strategically in their day-to-day activities.

It supports learners in the development of their own understanding within the context of departmental objectives and those of the wider Government. It also helps to generate innovative thinking to improve delivery of policy and services. More specifically, the course provides:

  • A definition of strategy and why we should act strategically
  •  An introduction to some of the strategic tools available for evaluating whether an identified target can be met
  •  An understanding of key stakeholders and how to communicate with, and influence them
  •  The importance of setting an overarching structure of activities for the deployment of resources and what a good strategic plan looks like

What the client had to say:

“Very many thanks to you both for your efficiency and professionalism in delivering the Operating Strategically e-learning against such a tight deadline. A real pleasure to work with you. I appreciated your speed of response and always felt able to rely on the quality of what was produced”.