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Conversion of 5 existing modules to be accessible on pc, tablet and smartphone


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • Story/scenario driven

Like many organisations, Civil Service Learning (CSL) has recognised the need to ensure that e-learning content can be accessed from a number of devices.

Walkgrove were commissioned to convert five existing modules to enable the content to be accessed by a PC, tablet or smartphone. Using our Adaptive Interface Design Technology (AiD), Walkgrove were able to convert existing HTML4 content into mobile first, responsive design HTML5 content. The project mandated that when accessed via PC, the content had to be backwards compatible with IE6 and at the same time, maintain accessibility standards.

In order to achieve this, both HTML4 and HTML5 content have been stored in a single SCORM package. Once launched, the software detects both device and browser and then delivers the content appropriate for that device. For example, when viewed on a PC, HTML4 content will be displayed, whereas when viewed from a mobile device, the adaptive / responsive design HTML5 content will be displayed. All SCORM book marking and reporting is recorded regardless of the device used. This ensures that users can start a course on one device and pick up where they left off from another.