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Counter fraud, bribery and corruption


  • E-learning

Civil Service Learning (CSL) identified a need to modify existing e-learning programmes to make them available for cross government roll out.

The most important criteria was to adopt a style and approach that made the e-learning generic and accessible to all staff at all levels, without losing key messages or diluting content.

The first of these of products, Counter fraud, bribery and corruption, plays a crucial part in the Government’s commitment to stop fraud, theft, bribery and corruption against the public purse, which costs an estimated £21.2 billion.

The e-learning is intended to raise awareness and promote understanding amongst all staff of the importance of tackling fraud. It emphasises a cross government commitment to take a zero tolerance approach to fraud, reinforcing the Civil Service Code: ‘it is the duty of staff to always act with integrity and ensure public money is used properly and efficiently’.

As awareness and understanding of fraud is now core to the civil servant’s role, there is a need to provide consistent training to all staff. Not only does the course offer a cost effective solution allowing consistent training for 400,000 civil servants, it also has long-term cost saving benefits for the public sector.

The counter fraud, bribery and corruption e-learning is delivered in two versions: one version targeted at all staff; and a second version with an additional module and assessment questions for managers.

“Just a quick note of thanks from me for producing the products that fall part of my responsibilities. All four products that you have developed for us ​look and feel modern and the quality of your work has been outstanding. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. My subject matter experts are over the moon with your work. Thanks again.”