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Media-rich and scenario-based safeguarding training


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Animation
  • Story/scenario driven
Walkgrove delivered a media-rich and scenario-based e-learning module for frontline staff at Chubb to help them assist vulnerable customers.

The training need

Chubb required training to support the company vulnerability strategy, which sets out principles to deliver appropriate treatment of customers in vulnerable circumstances. An online module was needed to complement existing face-to-face presentations to customer service staff that outlined the Chubb approach. Vulnerability was a focus not only for compliance reasons but also as part of delivering best practice customer service.

Chubb wanted a different approach from their usual corporate e-learning, which was basic with regards to interactivity and learning methodology. The goal was to make a broader cultural impact on the overall staff approach to vulnerability, rather than simply embedding step-by-step instructions on regulations and procedures. Chubb wanted staff to feel supported and empowered to take initiative, using their empathy and customer care skills to work flexibly in vulnerable customers’ best interests.

Our bespoke e-learning solution

Walkgrove created a 20-minute, scenario-based custom e-learning solution to support Chubb staff with serving vulnerable customers. Developed in Storyline, the product is mobile friendly.

The course uses a colourful animated introduction to give Chubb staff a reminder of how to recognise and categorise customer vulnerabilities. The rest of the module uses four realistic interactive customer scenarios to ground the learning in a recognisable context and engage learners in applying best practice responses to vulnerable customers. As learners progress through each story, they are asked to take a series of appropriate actions and given tailored feedback on their choices to consolidate their understanding.

Each scenario uses a different bespoke multimedia mix. A video-based scenario of an angry and upset customer is used to demonstrate what an interaction might sound or look like from the customer perspective, highlighting tone of voice and body language to generate empathy. A short audio scenario requires learners to employ their listening skills, using a phone call-based interaction to identify what vulnerability might sound like and highlight best practice. The other two scenarios use step-by-step photo stories and text-based case studies, focusing on vulnerability as identified in written communications such as email.

This active learning experience is tailored to building soft skills and help learners to recognise how best practice techniques could apply to their daily work.

“thank you very much for a job well done... taking the brief and delivering something which was spot on.”

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