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Scenario-based guidance to protect children and vulnerable adults


  • E-learning
  • LMS
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove created immersive training using character-based case studies to help a large team protect children and vulnerable adults.

The training need

The Centre for Health and Disability Assessments (CHDA) commissioned Walkgrove to design and develop an e-learning module on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

Safeguarding was standard practice within CHDA, but had been recently formalised into an official safeguarding policy. The company wanted staff to be familiar with the new policy and the additional processes and procedures it required within their everyday practice, including reporting safeguarding incidents.

The e-learning was to be mandatory for clinicians and learners whose roles involved face-to-face client interactions, but over1800 staff members would also be able to access the learning materials.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a 60-minute bespoke e-learning course to introduce all CHDA staff to the new safeguarding policy and its requirement.

The e-learning course uses a scenario-driven approach, bringing the safeguarding policy and procedures to life for learners and showing them how to apply the measures in practice.

The course content covers how to define safeguarding, recognise types of abuse, and how to identify and address a safeguarding concern. 

The custom e-learning uses a team of safeguarding characters who present relatable and realistic case studies to deliver information about the safeguarding policy. The interactive case studies are challenge-based and ask learners to make decisions about appropriate courses of action. The scenarios increase in complexity in order to grow learner confidence and capacity to apply the safeguarding procedures.

Walkgrove also developed a range of other courses for CHDA via their parent company, Maximus. To make it easy to launch and access these courses, Walkgrove provided Maximus and CHDA with our proprietary learning management system, Svelte.