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Global training to improve humanitarian responses


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first
  • Mobile friendly
  • Animation
  • Multiple languages
  • Story/scenario driven
  • Video

The humanitarian organisation Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) commissioned Walkgrove to develop two custom e-learning courses to improve responses to international crises.

The training need

CaLP wanted to increase awareness within global response communities about the possibilities of offering effective humanitarian assistance via cash transfer programmes, which provide cash or vouchers directly to individuals, household or community recipients rather than state actors.

CaLP needed a short primer on cash programming in urban environments and a digital version of their introduction to cash transfers in humanitarian situations.

The target audience for both courses was a wide-ranging, global mixture of frontline practitioners, emergency workers, NGO staffers and local government employees with varying levels of experience in humanitarian work. CaLP’s international audience could access the training from any country in the world, had variable English language skills and possibly limited internet connections.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove designed a one-hour custom e-learning module on Urban Cash Transfer Programmes that explains how cash transfers can build resilience within communities and act as an effective mechanism for emergency response. Walkgrove also produced a detailed bespoke e-learning course of over three hours on Cash Transfer Programming Fundamentals, which introduces learners to the principles and design of cash transfer programmes within the humanitarian project cycle.

To accommodate a diverse learning audience, both courses are written in plain English. The learning designs are technologically simple but pedagogically effective: thought-provoking questions, interactive case studies and real life examples are used throughout the modules to help learners understand the relevance of the course to their own programming contexts. The Urban Cash Transfer course was mobile-friendly, while the Cash Transfer Programming course was fully responsive and flexibly structured. This means learners in challenging or disrupted environments can access course content at their own pace and convenience.

Walkgrove translated the introductory courses into Arabic, French and Spanish to further assist in international knowledge transfer.