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People management road map


  • E-learning

Walkgrove produced an end-to-end guide for all phases of people management.

The training need

Former multinational facilities management and construction services company Carillion commissioned Walkgrove to create a bespoke e-learning course that would introduce line managers to the company’s key people-related processes, policies and systems.

Carillion wanted to support new Line Managers in their role in order to help them achieve the company’s strategic people objective: attract, develop and retain excellent people.

Walkgrove were required to design a module that would make line managers aware of what is expected of them and what support, resources and information are available to help them meet those expectations.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a bespoke 40-minute introduction to all aspects of line management at Carillion, including systems, tools and guidance.

The content takes learners through every stage of people management at the company. It begins with details about recruitment tools, induction and new starter processes. The modules go on to outline how to manage people data, engage teams, manage performance and deal with absence. Finally, the course helps line managers understand the most positive approach to handling people leaving the company. The custom e-learning course includes an extensive range of resources and signposts learners to additional information, advice and support about excellent people management. This is offered as a printable, one-page take-away.

The learning menu is well-structured in order to facilitate access by line managers to just-in-time people management information. Clearly labelled modules indicate each aspect of people management, so that learners can quickly navigate to the information they want to view.

E-learning development included creating simple but effective learning screens to allow learners to explore and rapidly absorb key people management concepts and best practice. Learners are also regularly challenged to quick quizzes throughout the modules to help them consolidate their understanding.