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A substantial induction program used by British Council staff world-wide


  • E-learning
  • Video
  • Simulation

This six-hour induction program is used by British Council staff world-wide and covers corporate procedures and processes for the
selection, placement and movement of scholars and VIP visitors from overseas to the UK.

The CD/web-based hybrid solution is based on a typical case study and uses an appropriate mix of on-screen text, digitised photographs, animated 3D graphics, video and audio.

The management and coordination of scholars and VIPs involves the use of a range of bespoke online systems and the completion of online forms.

The learning program includes a series of activities and exercises placed in the context of case studies, which provide the learner with opportunities to practise using these web-based tools.

Following each web-based exercise, the learner is required to answer a multi-choice question which is designed to test their underpinning knowledge relating to the use of the online systems and forms.

What the client had to say:

“Walkgrove worked well with us to develop e-learning that has stood the test of time well and is still in everyday use. They rose to the challenge of developing culturally ‘bland’ material that would work across an international spectrum – no easy task when we also wanted the program to inspire and motivate our staff to undertake the training. They are pleasant and professional and I am happy to recommend them to anyone looking to develop creative and technically robust e-learning.”