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An interactive and informative module addressing the issues of environmental protection


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The British Council is a global organisation with around 7,000 staff working in 109 countries. Around 6,000 of these staff are locally engaged and do not have English as their first language.

The Council is a non-departmental public body and also the second largest UK registered charity. Its focus is the creation of international opportunities, working predominantly in the fields of arts and education, facilitating around 500 exhibitions and events each year and delivering English language training around the world in various formats and in a wide variety of locations, premises and circumstances. Typically, around 90% of staff are office based and office sizes vary significantly in size from one or two people through to 400 plus.

The Council is committed to meeting UK and international standards for managing their environmental impact. The principles of environmental management are managed through the Council’s Environmental Framework Tool (EFT) which has been rolled out globally. There is a five-year Sustainable Action Plan with the aim to embed environmental considerations into everything that the Council does.

To help them deliver on the objectives of their plan, the Council commissioned Walkgrove to design a portfolio of Environmental Awareness modules aimed at all staff, regardless of role, function or location.

This e-learning is informative and highly interactive; guiding the learner through the various issues of the protecting the environment, the impact of climate change and the importance of sustainability whilst highlighting their responsibilities in the process.

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