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Three highly engaging safeguarding e-learning courses aimed at all British Council staff


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The British Council is the UK’s leading cultural relations organisation, playing a crucial role in building overseas influence for the UK by developing mutual understanding between people, societies and countries. Child protection issues impact on all of their corporate programme areas. Approximately nine million children between the ages of 4 and 18 are involved in British Council programmes on an annual basis in a wide range of environments. Walkgrove developed three e-learning courses:

Child Protection Awareness

This course is aimed at all staff. It is mandatory for all new staff as part of their induction, and for existing staff as annual refresher training.

Child-Safe Business Planning

This course is mandatory for all new and existing business managers.

The Designated Child Protection Officer

This course is mandatory for Designated Child Protection Officers and deals with their specific role and responsibilities.

The e-learning is highly engaging, self-paced and easy to navigate. The treatment is informative and action orientated and although background information is provided, the focus is on motivating and provoking thought.

The courses emphasise the importance of individual responsibility, using a combination of tutorial and activity screens designed to provoke a positive response and a realisation that individuals can make a significant difference by applying appropriate child protection policies and procedures.

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