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Compliance e-learning module delivered globally in multiple languages


  • E-learning
  • Animation
  • Multiple languages

Our challenge was to create a 15 minute learning intervention to teach and embed definitions, company processes and the law related to insider dealing across BG Group’s entire global employee base.

Our e-learning solution utilises a central and seemingly abstract graphical menu simply titled, ‘Don’t be tempted’. This artwork was used as a teaser campaign and the ‘brand’ for the company-wide awareness initiative.

We divided the 15 minutes into eight sections each taking an average of just two minutes to complete. The first introduces the concept of insider dealing; the second defines its core terms and places them in context; five separate scenarios highlight and reinforce the key messages from the first two sections and the final section summarises the key points for the learner to take away.

The course uses audio and subtle animation throughout. Its style is deliberately distinct from previous BG Group e-learning courses, making it a memorable learning experience.
Developed initially in English, the course was rapidly translated into Arabic, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish; all contained within a single learning object.