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Role-specific e-learning on key fraud prevention skills


  • E-learning
  • Video
  • Story/scenario driven

BG Group, now part of Royal Dutch Shell, commissioned Walkgrove to develop an advanced fraud risk management e-learning module with multiple carefully tailored learner profiles.

The training need

After a comprehensive review of fraud risk within their company, BG Group needed a bespoke e-learning module on advanced fraud management to complement their existing foundation training on fraud and bribery. BG Group wanted targeted learning for people whose working positions or locations put them at high risk of exposure to fraud, as well as for individuals whose roles are key to the prevention and detection of fraud. The company’s aim was to raise the vigilance of their target audience and improve accountability for fraud prevention and detection.

The BG Group learner base was huge and diverse, with over 10 business functions encompassing employees of 70 nationalities; 6000 team members work outside of the UK.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove developed a targeted custom e-learning experience about fraud risk management for 14 key roles and business functions within BG Group. Although learning materials extended to three hours in total, expert profiling meant that learners only saw content that was specifically relevant to their role or business area, with some learning journeys taking only 15 minutes. The content was developed in collaboration with senior fraud experts at leading global accountancy firm BDO.

To ensure that all learners appreciated the importance of fraud prevention, the e-learning opened with a ‘voice from the top’: a motivating introduction by the Chief Financial Officer. The rest of the bespoke e-learning content for each learner role was highly interactive in nature, based around a series of practical scenarios that taught BG Group employees to spot and control for fraud risks in their everyday working situations. To further ensure practical application of the skills learned, the e-learning module finished with a downloadable personalised “springboard exercise”, designed to be completed offline and help the learner apply the learning into their job.

To make the learning feel globally relevant, Walkgrove used professional imagery that represented the diversity of the international BG workforce and ensured that all audio and written content elements were in plain English.