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BG certified contracts and procurement training, focusing on why rather than how


  • E-learning

Following the implementation of a new contract and procurement process, BG Group commissioned Walkgrove to develop an e-learning module to deliver training to a worldwide audience.

The course is mandatory and users are not able to access the contracts and procurement process until they have been certified.

The focus of this learning is on ‘why’ rather than ‘how’. For example, ‘Why do we do things in this way?’ as opposed to ‘How do I fill this form in?’

Introductory screens summarise the key reasons for the new standards and processes and also provide an explanation as to why completion of the e-learning is so important for everyone, irrespective of where they fit in the process. Course content focuses on key messages, rationale and succinct descriptions of the principal processes with a concentration on the more significant areas of change such as category management, category planning and sourcing categories.

The e-learning course is the principal training tool. There is no other approved training that leads to certification. By the end of the course learners
are able to:

  • Explain why category management and category planning are important
  •  Explain the advantages of using the new methodology
  •  Define category management areas
  •  Determine the different roles and responsibilities under the new standard
  •  Explain how sourcing is categorised and carried out under the new standard
  •  Describe processes and procedures for exceptional circumstances
  •  Define what is meant by strategic, operational and low value sourcing
  •  Recognise the cross-process fundamentals that apply to the application of the new standard
  •  Explain the post award contract management process
  •  Describe the ‘requisition to pay’ process