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E-learning designed to provide effective safe travel advice for business travellers abroad


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Animation
  • Gamification

beTravelwise provides training and education to promote safe travel with training courses designed to support organisations in their travel risk management programmes.

Walkgrove were recommended to beTravelwise by Learning Light to create a suite of courses aimed at giving effective advice for people travelling abroad on business to help them stay safe while they’re away.

Our Instructional and Graphic Designers worked with beTravelwise to design a journey-themed board game. As the learner selects a section of the game a question relating to that section will appear. The learner works their way round the game board and answers the questions at each stage of their journey. Correct answers earn the learner Travel Wise stamps in their passport. Incorrect answers will increase their stress levels! Whilst animation like this can be expensive, the highly visual approach also covers many learning points in less than a minute.

This product is now selling to organisations such as Bosch, Adidas and Cigna and Walkgrove Ltd perform any necessary customisations for the client.

Learning Light reviewed the completed product and cite it as an excellent example of engaging effective e-learning, introducing an important topic in an informative way, The review also mentions that it is well designed, covering the essential pre-requisites for business travel and as such was awarded the Learning Light seal of approval.

You can read the full interview here.

We feel incredibly lucky being told about Walkgrove in the first place, enjoyed our working with you enormously and love what you have produced.”
Saul Shanagher