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A ten-hour modern foreign languages program covering five languages


  • E-learning
  • Animation
  • Gamification
  • Multiple languages

This ten-hour modern foreign languages program covers five languages and focuses on the three main areas where we could enrich the learner’s experience; knowledge, strategies and attitude. 

There were three key challenges; the complex technical brief, the needs of a diverse target audience with different skill levels, and the requirement to work in partnership with TATA Interactive Services and various education bodies.

A unit was designed to take the learner from the principles of language through to its application and to provide opportunities for practice.  We achieved this through the use of: 

  • Visualisation – the concepts, theories and principles
  • Simulation – putting theory into action
  • Application – demonstrating ‘real life’ applications

The idea that learning is ‘fun’, that it is okay to make mistakes and that most foreigners welcome any attempt to speak their language permeated throughout the design.  Engaging the learners was key to the success of the materials.  Therefore topics and treatments were chosen carefully to appeal to diverse groups of learners.  Learning through games and activities as opposed to through repetition and drill.

The materials are delivered via a SCORM compliant VLE.  The treatment was balanced by the objective to make all materials fully accessible and our default was to ensure that all learning objects were accessible unless a particular tool or technique is required and agreed in order to meet a specific learning objective or outcome.  In such cases, accessible alternatives were developed.