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Clear guidance on Fair Trading practices


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • Animation
  • Story/scenario driven
  • Video
Walkgrove developed a fully responsive, multimedia e-learning course on key elements of Fair Trading practice for BBC Academy.

The training need

Walkgrove was one of five suppliers appointed to create online learning solutions for BBC Academy, the educational arm of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Walkgrove was selected to develop a comprehensive course covering Fair Trading.

As the world’s oldest national broadcasting organisation and a corporation dedicated to public service, the BBC is committed to ensuring high standards of ethical practice in every area of its work. The BBC’s dedication to responsible trading practices is reflected in the Fair Trading Framework, which has been in place for many years and is well embedded in the organisation. As commercial activities fund an increasing proportion of the BBC’s public services, the organisation found it vitally important to ensure that the Fair Trading Framework is complied with.

The Fair Trading course was needed for all BBC staff in a job role that directly involves them in commercial or trading activities, dealings with third parties, or assessing the BBC’s market impact.

BBC Academy wanted an e-learning course that would help learners to conduct their business within the scope of the Fair Trading framework more effectively, to reduce the number of issues relating to Fair Trading within their day-to-day work and to make effective use of BBC Policy teams.

Our bespoke learning solution

Using learning designs and graphic assets created by BBC Academy, Walkgrove

developed an 80-minute bespoke e-learning course on Fair Trading. The course was built in Gomo to create a fully responsive, mobile first solution.

Seven custom e-learning modules introduce learners to Fair Trading at the BBC, including how it relates to UK public services, commercial activities, operational separation, transfer pricing and trading activities. Each of the substantive modules finish with a five-question multiple choice quiz to ensure learners have understood key points before progressing. The final module is a summary.

All modules use an accessible range of content presentation styles in a bright and clear contemporary design reflecting BBC brand guidelines. Key learning points are illustrated with bold icons and diagrams. Reflective scenarios including video, audio and animation assets help learners to contextualise essential concepts and principles.