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Customer care training delivered using animated car dashboard interface


  • E-learning
  • E-Animation
  • Simulation
We were engaged by Avis Europe to assist them in the development of four modules covering Car Pick Up, Car Return, Monthly Rentals and Administration. Working from rough course layouts originally created by Avis France, we then had to create an engaging storyboard featuring the experiences of various customer characters to allow Avis rental-station based employees to understand not just a simple hire transaction, but what to do in almost every situation they might encounter.

Avis’s ambitious e-learning suite features an animated car dashboard learning interface that highlights when and how Avis’s values and principles are demonstrated within the content, and uses fully animated cartoon-style narrators and characters. An immovable European roll-out date meant that it was imperative we got up to speed with Avis’s processes and storyboarding protocols in as little time as possible.

Interspersed within the procedural e-learning, separate system simulation modules were needed to allow Avis employees to practise dealing with likely customer scenarios using the proprietary applications – Wizard and Merlin. Working from rough captures created by Avis France and then translated into English, we used Adobe Captivate to produce self contained interactive system simulations that guided the learner though each situation, giving less guidance as the learner became more familiar with each process. Between six and fourteen simulation modules were needed per storyboard.

We subsequently applied technical changes to all system simulation modules for all eight elements of the common curriculum from feedback collated from Avis Europe’s reviewing panel, developed and delivered a two-day classroom based Captivate training course for key European staff and delivered online training and telephone-based support.