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System simulation training to support the introduction of new Virtual Desktop Environment


  • E-learning

Atos Origin were chosen to implement and support the introduction of a new Virtual Desktop Environment (VDE) across Aberdeen City Council’s entire corporate desktop, laptop and mobile device estate. Part of their delivery includes the deployment of an e-learning course to take users through the changes brought about by the new VDE system and associated services.

Atos Origin selected Walkgrove to develop the e-learning. The course provides an overview of the key changes that users face when using the new system and comprises a mix of both systems simulation and ‘softer’ policy style training, such as correct drive mapping and where and how to save files. Our approach therefore adopts a combination of instructional design techniques including a ‘tell me, show me, let me try’ section covering major transactional changes and underpinning knowledge elements relating to the functionality, processes and rationale behind the tool. The course also includes testing throughout to ensure skills transfer is successful.

In general, we adopt a highly interactive approach, using activities and interactive presentation screens to convey the learning messages, rather than lots of on screen text. The focus is on encouraging learners to learn through practice and feedback on performance.

In the ‘How to use the new environment’ section, we also employ a scenario-based approach which illustrates real work activities and tasks that the user is likely to experience as they move to and work within the new environment.

What the client had to say

“I recently completed the online course and it really made me think about how this fits with our values and that we are having a strong impact and demonstrating leadership through our approach.”