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Multi-profile global systems training


  • E-learning
  • Multiple languages
  • Simulation

Walkgrove created three system training courses on supply chain and data management software for 330 global staff and external suppliers.

The training need

Online fashion and beauty retailer ASOS commissioned Walkgrove to create a range of software training about new and existing company systems. The first requirement was to update ASOS teams on the company’s essential supply chain software, Merret, which was being re-released with significant implications for operational roles. Secondly, staff needed to be informed of changes to data management and reporting systems as a result of increased data centralisation. Finally, ASOS wanted an introduction for their product lifecycle software, called Lighthouse.

ASOS had previously delivered systems training via face-to-face sessions but wanted to bring their methods into the 21st century. The company needed e-learning that would both raise awareness of key system functions and also allow users to practise interactions in a safe training environment without live data.

Each system had multiple users who used the software in different ways, meaning content had to be differentiated by role.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created three multi-hour system e-learning courses to familiarise ASOS learners with key software functions, features and processes.

To make the technical training content as engaging as possible, the multi-hour training courses each included striking graphics in line with the ASOS brand, using friendly and fashionable characters to guide the learner through the module.

The practical learning modules include many opportunities to interact with short system simulations in both show and try modes. ‘Show me’ mode includes helpful animated demonstrations and worked examples, process visualisations and helpful tips. ‘Try me’ mode prompts learners to attempt interactions for themselves, giving feedback and guidance as needed. Modules finish with a quick quiz to test learner understanding of system essentials.

Each of the three system training courses present learners with a role selector and associated learning path. To further localise learning content, the Lighthouse Systems training was translated into Hindi and Mandarin.

What the client said
Walkgrove have been fantastic at helping us, at ASOS, bring our systems training into the 21st century and guiding us to deliver it in a way that fits our brand identity. E-learning has been well received by the teams and will now form a large part of our training programme going forward. Walkgrove have met challenging targets we have set but remained a pleasure to work with throughout and we look forward to building on our relationship in the future.