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Training to improve Amex brand knowledge and customer service skills


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Animation
The Challenge

American Express required a motivational and strongly branded course to help employees to improve their customer service. The existing training was a PowerPoint conversion which had not met its objectives and employees still needed improvement in a number of key areas.

The challenge a) was to increase knowledge of the Amex brand and how to embody its principles and b) to improve customer service skills with regard to selling insurance products.

A key goal of the training was that customer service would improve to such a level that it would bring about 1% increase in sales conversions.

Our Solution

Our solution was a colourful and creative course that delivered vital information, without overloading the learner. The content was delivered with a focus on visuals, which connected strongly with the Amex brand both in look and feel. We used an imaginative and cheerful illustrated style accompanied by witty mini-animations. The text was always concise and straightforward; screens were not loaded with text and strong visuals always supported the message.

The course was highly interactive, including multiple choice, click to reveal and click to animate options. The transitions and mini-animations were creative and fun.

We used strong examples throughout to support the content. Mini-stories and scenarios of customer service moments were used to demonstrate key points. Learners were also required to demonstrate their understanding through challenging scenario-style questions, which were peppered throughout the course.

What the client had to say

“I wanted to restate it has been a great relationship we have had and we need to continue in the future our relationship with new projects. This is all based on the very positive feedback I have had and interactions I have experienced. Great content has come out of our partnership.

Thank you again for reaching out and gaining our feedback.”