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An uplifting and motivating welcome communication for charity supporters


  • E-learning
  • Mobile first, responsive
  • Animation
  • Story/scenario driven
  • Video

Walkgrove created a fully responsive e-learning module and promotional video as a warm and inspiring welcome for new Age UK charity volunteers.

The training need

Age UK is a large charity network dedicated to championing older people, whose work is supported by 25,000 volunteers. It has over 130 local branches that are independent charities, raising their own funds and recruiting their own volunteers.

The national organisation wanted to add to existing local and face-to-face volunteer inductions by creating a digital introduction to Age UK as a whole. The introduction needed to give volunteers a ‘big picture’ understanding of the charity’s vision, work and ethos and of volunteers’ place within this. Age UK wanted something that would encourage volunteers to feel more connected to the cause and more dedicated to helping older people, thereby making them more likely to stay in their roles for longer.

Walkgrove were commissioned to produce an engaging and emotionally compelling  e-learning solution, as well as a short promotional video for the training.

The e-learning needed to be suitable for all Age UK volunteers, the majority of which are older people (50 and above) but with a growing minority of younger people.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a 30-minute bespoke e-learning introduction to Age UK that is inspiring as well as practical. Three modules present background information on the charity’s vital work and impact, including its mission and services and the importance of volunteers. The other three modules focus on preparing the volunteer for their new role, giving them an idea of different situations they might encounter when supporting older people and what to expect in the face-to-face induction.

To appeal to learners’ hearts and minds, the delivery style is warm and person-centred. The modules feature bespoke videos of staff and volunteers offering their gratitude to volunteers, showcase heart-warming case studies of Age UK service users and include positive and dignified imagery of diverse older people.

The custom e-learning is designed to be easy to use, access and engage with. Screens use simple interactions, bold headings and clear iconography and illustration to emphasise key learning points, supported by bespoke animation, audio narration and video. The e-learning is fully responsive and designed in a non-linear order so that learners can dip in and out as they need.

The two-minute promotional video gives new and current volunteers a taster of the e-learning modules, highlighting the benefits of understanding more about Age UK’s national context as well as the practical information to be gained. Presented by a friendly audio narrator, the video animated bright and colourful photographic stills and attractive snapshots from the e-learning to entice volunteers to take the module.