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Skill-building induction for advisers supporting older people


  • E-learning
  • Story/scenario driven
  • Video
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Walkgrove created a skill-building, scenario-based induction for new Age UK advisers.

The training need

Age UK offers a well-established information and advice service to its clients, providing help to people in later life on a wide range of subjects.

After collaborating on bespoke training about how to handle the first few minutes of client interaction, Age UK asked Walkgrove for a follow-up e-learning module that would further support the induction process.

The course was required to replace a paper-based induction training pack. The content needed to provide a consistent baseline of training for information and advice teams, focusing on developing the skills they need to become competent advisers. It was intended to become essential learning for all new advisers and also act as refresher training.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created an 80-minute bespoke e-learning induction module to help Age UK staff feel confident in their new roles as Information and Advice Advisers.

The induction introduces the adviser role and the values underpinning the information and advice service. It also covers the skills necessary for advisers to conduct interviews and communicate well and signposts the resources and professional development opportunities that are available.

The induction includes an unlocked menu of complementary modules with a toolkit style that learners can pick from in any order. Learning screens deliver essential guidance and practical tips in a succinct and visually striking style to improve knowledge absorption and memorability. The course is bright, positive and encouraging in tone, reflecting the Age UK brand values and blending with existing learning materials.

To make the learning points come to life and help advisers apply their new skills, the custom e-learning course takes a scenario-based approach. Learners meet two fictional advisers in a series of photo, video and audio-based case studies. They must help the advisers to make the right decisions and give the most helpful responses to clients.