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Simple guide to information disclosure practices


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive

Walkgrove created a concise and clear teaching tool for the African Development Bank (AfDB) about the basics of the Bank’s information disclosure policy.

The training need

The AfDB is a multilateral development finance institution working to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in member countries.

The Bank considers transparency and access to information as key for its development and effectiveness goals. The AfDB Disclosure and Access to Information (DAI) policy ensures that openness is maximised whilst protecting confidential and restricted records.

AfDB commissioned Walkgrove to develop a bespoke e-learning module for all employees so that they would understand the rationale and provisions of the Bank’s DAI policy and be able to apply them in day-to-day practice.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a 45-minute custom e-learning introduction to the AfDB’s information disclosure policy, covering its essential procedures and principles. Content included the rationale for the policy and its key standards regarding what information should and should not be disclosed. A technical section also went into greater detail about how employees could apply the policy, including document and classification guidance, day-to-day working practices and responsibilities for each department.

The mobile-friendly course uses simple but pedagogically effective learning presentation screens, chunking information into short and easy-to-absorb sections. Its on-brand aesthetic is complemented with high-quality photography. To help learners to apply the DAI policy on a day-to-day basis, Walkgrove’s e-learning design team intersperses informational content with regular worked examples and practical knowledge checks, including sample documents and situation-based case studies.

Walkgrove also included an end of course assessment to validate learner understanding of the DAI policy.