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Practical guidance on ethical conduct


  • E-learning
  • Mobile friendly, non-responsive
  • Story/scenario driven

Walkgrove created a clear and practical guide to ethical conduct for staff and consultants of the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The training need

The AfDB is a multilateral development finance institution that aims to spur sustainable economic development and social progress in its member countries.

AfDB commissioned Walkgrove to develop an online training course on the Bank Group’s Code of Ethics. Aimed at all bank staff as well as external consultants, the main objective was to enhance recognition of the Bank’s expectations of ethical practices and that upholding and exhibiting the highest standards of conduct and behaviour is necessary to preserve the Bank’s reputation.

The e-learning needed to focus on the contents of the Bank’s Code of Ethics and inform learners of how to take action if faced with an ethical dilemma.

Our bespoke learning solution

Walkgrove created a one-hour bespoke e-learning module to familiarise AfDB staff members with the practices and knowledge required to implement the Bank’s Code of Ethics. The course segments the diverse ethical issues covered by the Bank’s policy into manageable chunks, using short five-minute modules to cover essential topics such as corruption, environmental standards, respectful workplace behaviours and information governance. Each module outlines AfDB expectations for employee and contractor behaviours, key ethical concepts and definitions, and how to resolve ethical dilemmas in the topic area.

To encourage effective learner decision-making about ethical issues, the custom-e-learning includes regular interactive case studies and knowledge checks based on realistic worked examples. Learners are asked to put themselves in the place of an individual experiencing an ethical dilemma at the Bank and make decisions about the best course of action. Feedback reiterates the structures and processes available to learners to uphold the Code of Ethics.

The course finishes with a comprehensive knowledge check to ensure learners can identify the key values and behaviours required by the Code.

To make the learning accessible to a wide audience, Walkgrove’s e-learning development team included helpful instruction on navigation at the start of the course, simple and clear learning screens and a mobile-friendly design.