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Business services/consultancy

The diverse support provided to organisations by the business services sector underpins the success of the economy and involves the employment of a huge number of people


The construction industry is essential to the modern urban environment, but the attraction and retention of employees in this sector has never been more of a challenge

Charity/not for profit

Charities, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises are increasingly embracing digital learning solutions and e-learning development to train their employees and volunteers to drive positive change


The changing nature and growing complexity of 21st century conflict and international threats demand a highly agile and flexible response from the military


The delivery of modern education and training has been transformed by digital technology


Engineering is crucial to national and global infrastructure and the industry needs a talent and skills strategy that responds to our fast-changing modern world

Energy and utilities

While the world continues to demand ever more power, the energy sector is undergoing a massive transformation


The entertainment and media industry is confronting – and often leading – the transformations of a digital era


Organisations and governments around the world increasingly recognise the vital importance of a healthy natural environment and are taking up the fight against runaway climate change

Financial services

The global banking sector has regained resilience after the destabilising financial crisis – but this needs to be monitored and maintained continually to meet stress tests and future unknown challenges

Food and beverage

Technological advances play a growing role in the essential food and beverage industry


The public sector employs millions of people to deliver services that are vital to national development, health and wellbeing

Health and social care

Health and social care organisations work with people who are vulnerable, meeting needs related to illness, poverty, disability or the challenges of later life


The housing sector has been weathering turbulent times, dealing with the fallout of the international financial crisis, political uncertainty and, in Britain, shortages and issues such as the long-term impact of the Grenfell Tower tragedy


The humanitarian sector protects and empowers some of the world’s most vulnerable populations in times of conflict, emergency and environmental disaster


The insurance market is intensely competitive. With significant pressures on margins, cost efficiency is important

Legal/Law enforcement

Organisations involved in implementing and enforcing the law or promoting self-regulated industry standards engage in specialist work to support public welfare


The manufacturing industry is integral to the modern economy, employing huge numbers of people

Oil and gas

The oil and gas industry faces serious global challenges, from rising costs of exploration, volatile prices and increasing environmental standards


Competition within the pharmaceutical industry is fierce, as demand for life-enhancing, advanced medical products continues to grow

Professional body/regulator


Hiring is essential to every company’s success, so the recruitment sector is large and vital


The retail and services environment is changing rapidly. Workforce learning and development is vital to staying ahead in a highly competitive market

IT and telecoms

The telecommunications sector is integral to the global economy and day-to-day modern life, with individuals and businesses dependent on connected devices and wireless communication technology

Transport, logistics & driving

Transport and logistics industries are experiencing profound transformation, with all transport and business types being impacted


The travel and tourism industry has a significant impact on the economy, supporting millions of jobs and delivering investment, income and cultural value to the connected modern world