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Tailoring the experience to suit individual learning preferences

At Walkgrove we feel that, when designing any solution, it is important to define each objective and then decide which delivery medium is best suited to meet each training objective and where they should be delivered in the training programme’s cycle.

Walkgrove has developed blended learning solutions for clients that have included blends of the following:

We specialise in defining the problem and its parameters, developing the learning objectives to solve it and matching the objectives to the most cost effective delivery medium to create a cohesive, measurable and engaging mixed media learning experience.

In summary, developing the solution not only means selecting the right media but also selecting the most appropriate and flexible delivery strategy to ensure success.

Learn about the Mental Health training blended solution we developed for the Scottish Government by reading our case study.

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HS2 - Staying safe at HS2

Interactive induction into health and safety essentials

Examples of our blended learning

Transport for London/AECOM – Smart driving

Inclusive road safety awareness motivating safer driving practices