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A wealth of experience in the design, development and delivery of bespoke learning solutions

We have a broad client base including organisations from public, private and third sectors. Since 1994, we have developed thousands of training interventions and products covering an infinitely wide variety of subject matter and target audiences ranging from crane/load slinging training for low literacy level manual workers through to anti-money laundering training for lawyers and briefing ministers and handling parliamentary questions for DWP.

Our strengths lie in our diversity and flexibility and, of course, our people and our absolute commitment to quality. We expect to be judged by results and are as committed to a successful outcome as our clients. We consistently win repeat business and we feel that our commitment to developing a high quality, effective product combined with our flexibility and ability to deliver to tight timescales is a major influencing factor in this respect.

Our work has been recognised formally through the winning of numerous industry awards. Our clients often have nice things to say about us as well! See what some of them have had to say by visiting our client testimonials section.

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Bespoke e-learning development: from one minute of microlearning to 200 hours of complex training content

Blended learning

Tailoring the experience to suit individual learning preferences


Connecting learners online – at home, at work, wherever

Mobile and multi-device learning

Providing learning any time, any place, anywhere

Classroom training

Face-to-face training – standalone or as part of a blend


Interactive workbooks – a tried and tested medium, as pre-workshop learning or as part of a blended solution

Action learning sets

Not always trendy, often forgotten, but an effective component of the blend

Marketing collateral

Marketing collateral supports the promotion or roll-out of a product or service


A picture paints a thousand words – even better if it moves


Simplify data, concepts or other information to make the message more memorable


From a simple talking head through to full-blown drama

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