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Easy learner access and simple administration for a wealth of Ready to Go modules

Do you want a powerful tool to promote a culture of learning in your organisation? Astute is an easy-to-use and data-driven learning experience platform that offers learners access to personalised training content as well as core Ready to Go e-learning materials.

Enhanced learner experience

Unlike a one-size-fits-all learning management system, Astute LXP makes intelligent recommendations of learning materials based on learners’ behaviours, needs and interests.

Users can discover learning content that has been selected to match their individualised career development and life goals, exploring learning pathways tailored exclusively to them.


Astute LXP automatically gathers learner data so you can identify and address skill gaps, prioritise learner needs and focus on building critical knowledge areas in your organisation.

The platform supports performance management with personalised skills assessments, goal-focused learning plans and individual progress reports.


Hosted on a secure cloud-based platform, Astute LXP gives learners access to learning content whenever and wherever they need it.

All e-learning materials, including Ready to Go courses, can be reached from any device with internet access.

Added value learning tools

Astute LXP lets you add value to courses with additional resources and workflow tools:

  • Distribute learning materials and associated policies to your employees using Policy Manager and track task completion at-a-glance.
  • Support your learning initiatives offline with over 500 customisable templates to reinforce key compliance messages.
  • Use asynchronous learning and virtual classroom features to enrich the online learning experience.
  • Create forms to streamline workflows, including expenses claims, gift and hospitality registers, holiday requests and more.

Hassle-free launch

Astute LXP is easy to launch without any set-up or installation requirements.

Need more training? No problem. Simple uploads of additional Ready to Go generic e-learning or other learning modules make it easy to keep pace with your evolving learning needs.

Streamlined administration

The platform reduces administrative burden with advanced automation features including course enrolments, completion reminder emails and reporting.

User-friendly analytics make it easy to monitor learning progress. Astute LXP can report clear learning results and trends on a macro level, as well as evidence individual learner training histories.

Simple management of all your training provision is possible via internal and external training logs and functionality to administer face-to-face courses.

Customisation and integration options

Astute LXP offers a range of options for hassle-free integration into your existing user management systems, so you can seamlessly introduce it to your working processes.

Multilingual versions of Astute LXP are available in a host of world languages.

You’re free to segregate log-in and branding of Astute LXP portals, so that they can be customised according to the needs of departments, branches, or groups.

End-to-end learning services

Choosing Walkgrove as your Astute LXP partner brings you a host of learning benefits

  • We offer our clients ongoing insight and expertise on learning and development based on over 25 years’ experience as award-winning training consultants. We have worked with all major business sectors on a vast range of training topics.
  • Choose from our range of Off the Shelf courses developed with outstanding partners including travel safety leaders, beTravelwise and mental health charity, Mind.
  • Your current and future training needs are safe in our hands. Walkgrove has the flexibility and in-house talent to offer end-to-end training services, including training needs analysis, tailored evaluation, blended interventions and bespoke e-learning development.

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